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ERP for small businesses. Encode how you do things. Improve accountability. Facilitate efficiency. Make follow up easy. And, help pass on thanks for a job well done. eziTask helps small businesses compete.

To yourself, your employees, anyone; helps you delegate tasks, manage them, and track their progress.

Break complex tasks into steps, so that different people can complete different steps. gives you the tools to easily coordinate between everyone working on your task.

Keep track of when tasks need to be done. lets you schedule tasks, deadlines, set up recurring tasks, as well as save tasks as templates to reuse in the future.

Let the world help you get things done. Tasks in can be completed by you, anyone in your group, family, company, or anyone with an email address. Coordinate easily with vendors and service providers and track their progress.

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Currently launched as a Beta, is Free Forever to anyone who signs up now. Users who sign up after the Beta period will pay our regular subscription prices. Users registered after the Beta period will pay $1 USD per month per user up to 25 users, or $0.50 USD per month per user for over 25 users.

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