Customized for small businesses

Every business large and small has tasks and processes that are at the core of what they do and which underpin their point of difference yet few businesses properly document these tasks, leaving the business at risk should a key employee with this knowledge leave.

While big businesses have computer systems to structure and manage tasks, small businesses and individuals have not had a solution for this business critical function.

ezitask helps small businesses and individual record how they do things, how they do tasks. You can do this in a simple form in a matter of seconds or in a more comprehensive form for complex tasks involving multiple inside and outside your business.

ezitask has been designed for any time of small business from cafes to book shops to dress shops, to printers to plumbers to lawyers ... any type of business can use ezitask with confidence and in the knowledge that their business data is encrypted.

And when we talk about small businesses, we are talking about businesses of one person through to two hundred. However, there is no restriction on the size of a business that uses ezitask.

No more calls or emails checking to see
if what you want done has been done

You can use ezitask to record your intellectual property - how you want things done in your business - repetitive things as well as one off things.

The result is consistency of execution, time saved on tracking who has done what and when, easier training of new team members and an easier transition for when you sell your business.

Once you have entered details for each step involved in a task you are ready to assign it to someone. This gives them all the information you consider necessary for them to undertake the task how you want.Once the task has been completed, your employee indicates this using ezitask and you are notified.

Plus, if the task has been done particularly well, you can record kudos for the employee, like cheer or a pat on the back.

For tasks that are done regularly you can allocate these on a repetitive basis. For infrequent tasks you can have them setup and ready to be triggered when you need.

In describing what is involved in a task you can type the details, attach files, attach photos, attach a video - whatever is the best way to communicate how you want things done. And as you refine how you want something done, you can go back and refine the description in ezitask.

Give ezitask a try!

Your team members will like ezitask is it will provide them with a consistent framework for instructions as well as a accessible documentation of how you want things done in your business for it to stand apart from your competitors.

You will like ezitask because it brings together everything you have people doing for you. This of itself will help you make better management decisions, maybe even delegate more - or less if ezitask makes things that much easier.