Small business task management made easy

eziTask is an ideal small business ERP and task management solution for any type of business anywhere in the world.

Big businesses manage tasks through ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software is it is called. ERP schedules tasks, breaking them down to steps, enabling complex tasks requiring multiple people and resources to be managed through ERP software

eziTask is ERP software for small business. It provides small businesses of any sort to structure tasks, the people who complete them and the resources needed to ensure the tasks are done on time, properly and to the benefit of the business.

But eziTask is easy to use. It demystifies ERP in a way that is useful for small business owners and employees. eziTask makes task management consistent and accountable in small businesses.

Offices, retailers, services, professionals, medical practices and other small businesses can benefit from the task management tools in eziTask. It is not business channel specific.

From managing simple tasks through to complex, eziTask is a good solution for small businesses with from two to one hundred employees.

Cloud based, eziTask is accessible from anywhere in the world, in businesses operating in one or multiple locations.

The best way to learn how eziTask could serve in any business environment is to try eziTask. Sign up is free. In minutes you could have your first task setup and allocated to employees or an employee. Once the task is completed they are able to provide notification including by photo. The owner of the task is then able to provide feedback on the task completed.

Small business employee interaction and management is more personal and in the moment than big business. This is reflected in how eziTask operates. It is a solution created for small businesses by a small business. This makes it more fit for purpose as a task manager for small, business.

Tower Systems set about developing eziTask in responses to needs it saw in the small businesses using the company’s POS software. This software is only used by small business retailers with, typically, less than twenty employees. This experience helped inform the development goals of eziTask.