Assigning Steps - Using eziTask

Each step within a task can be assigned independently of each other if you’d like. In our example below, ordering pet food supplies could be assigned to Emily, updating the accounting records is assigned to your company’s accountant Josh, and unpacking onto store shelves could be assigned to Mary who actually works at the retail shop. To assign a step, simply click on the arrow at the right of the step display to expand the step’s details:

Step Expansion Arrow

After expanding our first step “Order pet food from supplier”, your screen should look something like this:

Step Details Expanded

This should look familiar, as it’s very similar to the editing screen for tasks. Here you have similar functionality, but pertaining to the specific step that you have expanded. You are able to edit the name of the step, add a description/instructions to the step, comment on it, delete it, add an assignee to it, add attachments to it, etc. We’ll go over “Notification List” later since it’s a more advanced feature that’s optional for now.

To add an assignee to the step, click within the Add Assignees box (the process is the same as adding assignees to a task:

Add Assignee to Step

After clicking in it, you should see a menu of potential candidates to pick from. (Note that we’ve designed the assignees system so that in order for a user to be eligible to become an assignee on a step, he/she must already be an assignee in the task which contains that step. We think that this makes it clearer that an employee who is responsible for a completing a step within a task, is also ultimately responsible for the completion of the task as a whole. Otherwise if Emily was the only assignee for the task, while Josh was the only assignee for a step within the task, it is not immediately clear where responsibility lies if the task couldn’t be completed due to that step not being completed.) If you see no menu appear, go ahead and add an assignee to the task first, and come back to this step’s Add Assignee box, and you will see the assignee appear here. Simply click the assignee you’d like to assign to, and now you have a responsible person for this step. You can also do this more than once to have multiple employees work on the step together.

Available Assignees for Step