Assigning Tasks - Using eziTask

Most importantly after creating a task, is to assign someone to the task. This puts responsibility for the task onto a specific person (or multiple people if you’d like). If you are using eziTask on your own, simply to keep track of your own todos, then assigning a task to yourself every time would be a hassle, and absolutely not necessary. However if you operate a business or manage a team, then knowing who is responsible for which task can mean much better organization and efficiency for your team or business.

Assuming you already have your employees entered into eziTask, you can simply look for the box under the task description, labeled “Add Assignees”. When you click in the box, a menu will show offering you the list of all your employees to pick from. Pick the person you’d like to assign the task to, and you’re done.

Add Assignee to Task

Of course it’s not necessarily that you only assign tasks to employees. In fact any person can assign a task to any other person. So a group of friends can collaborate on a project together, and assign tasks to each other. Employees who need something from the business owner can assign tasks to the business owner as well. Or, you can even assign tasks to people outside your own business, such as contractors, vendors, or manufacturers.

After assigning a task to someone, and after you’re done adding all the details that you’d like into the task, it’s time to Publish the task. Initially, when you first created your task, it’s considered a Draft task, meaning that you’re still working on it. However once you feel that the task is ready to be seen by its assignees, you can simply hit the Publish Task button.

Publish Task

Once you publish your task, the task becomes visible to whomever is on the assignees list, and at the same time the task’s assignees get notified (by email or push notification, we’ll cover more about this later).

At this point, you’ve successfully assigned a task to someone else! Congratulations. Whenever the assignee completes the task, you’ll see the task finished when you sign in to eziTask. When you have lots of tasks in your business, this can save you a lot of time from not needing to manually check with each employee to see what’s done and what’s not done!