Collaboration - Benefits of Collaboration

The main benefit that a small business receives from using eziTask is increased efficiency of collaboration. Collaboration is an involved process that usually consists of one person delegating a task, describing how to correctly perform the task, and checking in on the progress of the task, while another person gets notified of the task, receives information on how to perform it, and then updates the original delegating person when the task is finished.

Businesses tend to have their own processes depending on the size of the business and the maturity of the business. Perhaps tasks are delegated simply by verbally asking. Perhaps it’s through email or an online to-do list. Progress can be updated verbally, through email, or even by writing extensive reports to the management. Small businesses tend to delegate tasks verbally and risk “losing” a task here or there, when an employee forgets to perform the task, and the business owner forgets about the task as well, only to find out when the next customer comes and receives a worse experience because of it.

eziTask helps those businesses graduate to one level higher in terms of organization. The business owner creates a task and adds instructions to it. The task is assigned so that it’s clear who is responsible for the task. And lastly, the business owner can simply view all previously created tasks and their progress on the same page. The task assignee can have a clear go-to list of all the tasks he/she needs to complete, and an easy way to update the task when finished. This keeps a task’s instructions and information all together so it doesn’t get lost, and the next time a similar task needs to be performed, instructions are already available so that time isn’t wasted trying to recreate or remember what happened two months ago.

eziTask takes care of notifying task assignees when a new task is assigned, and to notify the task creator when a task is finished. It also provides a comment system within each individual task so that assignees of a particular task can talk about that particular task. Attachments can also be added to a task, so that two months after completing a task, any information related to the task can be referenced again, so your business doesn’t lose valuable information gained earlier.