Using eziTask

When the tasks that need to be done at your business are more complex than a simple todo, you can break the task up into multiple steps in eziTask. For example, if a task at your small business is to periodically re-stock your store shelves with your main product, pet food, you may choose to break it up into three steps:

  1. 1. Order pet food from supplier
  2. 2. Update accounting records with the recent order
  3. 3. Unpack pet food onto store shelves

For this case, you would create a task named “Re-stock pet food”, and would create those three steps within the “Re-stock pet food” task.

Steps of a Task

In order to create a step, find the Steps section at the bottom of the task’s details, and click within the New Step box:

Create a New Step

Then, enter the name of the step, and hit the Enter key on your keyboard:

Naming a Step

The step will be created, and the cursor remains within the New Step box so that you can fire off more step creations as needed:

Step Created

It’s important to note that the order of steps matters. Notice that in our example, updating the account records most likely requires the order to be complete first, so that certain pieces of information such as the cost of the order and the shipping date can be entered (some businesses may require approval before ordering, in which case you can create a step before the ordering step to customize to your own use case). In turn, unpacking the product likely is the last step to occur.

A useful shortcut for creating steps is available as well. Sometimes you may start typing instructions for a task into the task description box, but then realize that it’s probably better to separate the lines of text within the description box into actual steps that you can assign and track individually. In this case you can select the text which you’d like converted into steps, and click the Make Into Steps button. This function will take only the text that is selected, and create steps from each line of selected text. Any lines of text not selected when the Make Into Steps button is clicked will remain in the description box, and no steps will be created from them.

Creating Lots of Steps at Once